About Us

Who We Are

We are a welcoming Protestant congregation with an active group of Christians seeking God’s presence, healing, and guidance in our lives. Our congregation is diverse with Christians from Europe, the Caribbean, South American, China, Indonesia, and North America. During the school year, we have an active Junior Fellowship, Youth Group, an intergenerational choir, a preschool, and a Music Class for Children and Youth.

We seek a simple, heartfelt relationship with Jesus Christ and a rich community life with one another. We also host a mission project, The Staten Island Moravian Churches Community Garden, which grows produce for Project Hospitality’s soup kitchen and food pantry.

Our church has been in existence since 1873, and we live by our wider Moravian motto: In essentials unity, In non-essentials, liberty, In all things love.

Sunday Schedule

10:00 AM: Worship
11:00 AM: Fellowship Hour

Mission Statement

Welcome home! Learn, Grow; Share God’s Love.

Children in Worship and Our Church Nursery

Children of all ages and their rustling in the pews are both welcome in our worship services. Packets, including crayons and activity sheets relevant to the theme of the day are available for children in the back of the church. A nursery, staffed by an adult, is available for children ages 4 and younger. Families are welcome to use the nursery whenever they feel their child needs a break from the worship service. The nursery is located in one of our fully equipped preschool classrooms. After church, children are an important part of our fellowship time in which we share food and conversation. They are also welcome to play in the courtyard and playground.

“Family-Friendly” Services

We try to make worship a happy and joyful experience for children and their families every week, and we set aside several special Sundays a year specifically with children in mind. As we plan we ask ourselves: “What would make sense to kids? What would be fun?” These “Family-Friendly” worship services are built around the stories that the children of our various ministries have been exploring either in our Preschool, Junior Fellowship, or Music Class. The children and families from all these groups are welcome to attend. Here’s what “Family-Friendly” means to us:

  • Plays, fancy costumes, story-book pictures, slideshows, or movement in worship
  • Scripture readings, songs, and prayers presented in a relevant and easy to understand way
  • Inviting the kids to participate in worship leadership
    Being creative about the way we tell the Christian story
  • Welcome without expectations, spirituality without dogma, joy without judgment
  • Getting the meaning you’re hungry for in the relaxed atmosphere you need
  • Lots of other families are present, so if your kids are squirmy, everyone will understand
  • People who can come only occasionally all come on the same week and get to see each other
  • Worship that invites us to believe God’s love makes a difference in all our families

The Moravian Church

The Moravian Church traces its roots to the Hus reforms of the 15th century. We are the oldest Protestant Denomination, started in 1457. Moravians are known for simplicity, a heartfelt relationship with the Lord, mission work, and education. The characteristics of a Moravian Believer for which we strive are:

“simplicity, happiness, unintrusiveness, fellowship, and the ideal of service.” – Bishop Clarence Shawe, 1957

Location & Parking

We are located at 1657 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, NY 10314. Limited parking is available on the church grounds, and the surrounding streets. The main parking lot entrance is located on Fairview Ave.

For mapping, driving and public transit information, please visit our Contact page.

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